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Frameworks for Interactive Sound
Spring, 2004
Jeff Feddersen

Obvert box, shake, return, select orientation, make sketch.

Initial Sketch
(Did not include radiating lines of fresnel lens)

Select aural metaphor for each visual detail.

Represent grid with kick drum
Represent walls with high hat
Represent both screws and half-walls (shown in blue) with hand clap
Represent sugar with snare (granular synthesis would have been too obvious)
Represent Marbles with TS404

Drum Machine snapshot

The hand claps are pitched enough that you can hear the difference.
I chose 90bpm so that it approximates a human heartbeat.

Rather than make 19x11 separate phrases, I chose to make 20 phrases, each representing a column in the grid, with the y axis (looking down) representing pitch.


Kick drum and high hat in left channel, hand clap, snare, and TS404 in right channel.

Here I chose to represent my imagined process of how the box was constructed, first just the lens, then the walls, then the other walls and screws, then the sugar, then the marbles - then taking it apart again.

The Piece - "Why, it's a piece of... art!"

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