Ada Babbage: Abba: Aba Cadaba

Heinrich Schenker had some interesting theories of music. One, I believe, was that every euphonious melody begins on the 3rd or 5th and ends on the root. If you find a melody that does not fit this pattern, by adding or removing notes so that the melody does fit will actually 'fix' the melody and make it sound better.

- Made with FruityLoops, Jazz32, and Audition, as well as Blaze Audio Wave Creator and Goldwave
- VanBasco's Karaoke Player is good for previewing midi files, jetAudio converts just about all formats, including midi. AnvilStudio edits midi files.

1ne - ABA - texture
2wo - ABA - 4/4 : 3/4 : 4/4
3hree - ABA - complexity

4our - ABA (or ABCA?) midi track quantized to 1/12th notes for an odd, staggered rhythm

5ive - AABB'AA severely processed guitar - B' (b prime) is just a note or two different
6ix - AABA repeated with pitch shifting in the same pattern of AABA

7even - Fractal ABA (11 generations) - imagine a big triangle on its face pointing toward you
8ight - Fractal ABA (better math, but only 3 generations - using voice)

9ine - More processed guitar - AABACDDD
10en - AAAABA - like an irrational number, repeats infinitely
11leven - AAA'ABAA - 'inverted feedback' gives it an old-timey sound