Genesis put out an album called ABACAB, named for the standard form of many of their songs

Best Song Ever:
"My Six-Year Old Son Hitting Pots and Pans With a Spatula"
Album: Sounds From the Kitchen

Malleus Maleficarum - ©@|5

Find the script to a play. The meter will affect the final music, so keep in mind that Shakespeare may sound somewhat boring.

Find a scene with a number of actors equal to the number of people participating.
Just you means select a monologue, just you and one friend means find a scene with exactly two characters, etc.
If you want to try playing the parts of two characters you can try but it will be more difficult.
If it's just you, you may want to use a famous speech (e.g. The Gettysburg Address) instead of a play.

Find two or three objects that make a sound when you hit them (with your hand, a pen, a hammer, whatever)
Ideally you will have sounds that differ in pitch so that you end up with the ability to make a low sound and a high sound, and possibly a middling sound.

Now, read the text of the play as though you were acting, but don't vocalize any of the words.
Instead, 'play' the words with the instruments you just collected.
Pay attention to the rhythm and inflections in the voice you hear in your head as you play your instrument.

An example might be:

From The Empire Strikes Back
- "Luke, I am your father."
- "No. That's not true!"

Could sound like:

instrument set 1: 'middle (pause) HIGH middle middle MIDDLE low'
instrument set 2: 'LOW (pause) middle middle HIGH'

Hit the instrument harder or softer to suggest yelling or whispering, etc. The words in caps above suggest louder sounds.

If playing directly from text is too difficult, first transcribe the text into the notation used above and play from that.