Found quite a few granular synthesis patches online, including 'sandpaper', 'granola', and 'Lyon Potpourri'. I couldn't get any of them to work satisfactorily, though.

I'm using the Cylon sound I used before. I think it was made by quantizing a human voice, so it's already been processed.

For whatever reason, Max crashed a lot while making these. I've never had that problem before.

The main advantage of granuar synthesis seems to be the ability to separate pitch and speed, which are otherwise always inversely related.

One demo had eight grains playing at once. I didn't notice much difference between 4 and 8, or 2 and 8 for that matter.

three - 200ms grain, slow, some pitch quantizing
four - 10ms grain, increasing speed from 1 to 500x. at very specific speeds, interference patterns emerge, and the original sound becomes discriminable again.
five - backward half speed, double pitch. A lot of pop and click artifacts from this combo.
six - extremely small grain, no window. Look at them square waves
seven - the same, but longer duration of each grain - approaching noise
eight - two competing grains of slightly different durations - loads of artifacts

I wanted to set up midi input where each key would correspond to a chunk of the file, but I couldn't figure that out.