Intro to Physical Computing
Fall, 2003
Jeff Feddersen

Week 1

Why did I add these images on the right?
Was it just to collect the Amazon affiliate fees?
Monkey vs. Robot is THE metaphor for ITP.
The Monkey represents all that is animal about us - our emotions, intuitions, desires.
The Robot represents all that is intellectual about us - our ability to be analytical, calculating, clinical.
And now they're fighting!

Solarbotics is a good site from where to order parts.
One 0.47uF Monolithic Capacitor is just 25¢
No way?
Yes way.

Do you know BEAM? It is an idea and an organization started by Mark Tilden, advocating the idea of autonomous robots.

BEAM stands for:
Biology Electronics Aesthetics Mechanics
Building Evolution Anarchy Modularity
Biotechnology Ethnology Analogy Morphology

Why, here is their site to visit.

Apparently, a "Henry" is a unit of inductance.
I bet he didn't know that.
Make sure to tell him when you see him next.
I have been called various things, but never, "a unit of inductance."


Where to put this page?
NYU servers are slow.
I'll use my own site.
Which domain to use?
Matchstick? Skeptictank?
Not all are worthy.
From Radio Shack:
Text, "Basic Electronics"
Tandy wins again.
I checked the parts list.
Regulators are missing.
Capacitors, too
Zaftig? What is that?
No links? Text in Japanese?
Mistake? Or true art?
Feddersen seems cool.
(Not like some I could mention)
- No, that's just a joke.

Here is my new 5-minute site.
Is it not beautiful?
Do you not feel ugly just to be near it?

Matt Slaybaugh
ms171 at