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Web Sites Educational Projects

My Current Projects
· Children's book and toy reviews and gift recommendations
· Science and culture news aggregator
ACM Queue
· Online magazine for software developers

Game-coding resources
· Very easy-to-use JavaScript-based game engine
· Coding 'sandbox' with lots of very cool examples
· Easy-to-use JavaScript implementation of the proce55ing language/library
· Amazingly sophisticated, cinematic-level 3d modeling and animation software. 100% free and open soutrce

Classes Taught

NYU's Dept. of Publishing
·Online Publishing
·Interface and Information Design

Books Written

Web production textbooks aimed at college students
·Web Warrior Guide to Web Design Technologies (April 2003, co-author)
·Amazon Page
·Publisher Page
·Professional Web Graphics (May 2001)
·Amazon Page
·Publisher Page

Videos Produced

5 to 8-minute shorts explaining concepts of biochemical reactions to college students
·Biochemistry Videos
Games Songs
Winter 2009
· Gompers
· Candy Hop
· In the Footsteps of Simeon Meade | Escape from Kilmainham Gaol - Part I: The Cell
Fall 2008
· Light the Kinara
Winter 2008
· Grady's Adventure
Fall 2007
· Jig Easy, Sam
Summer 2007
· Parley
Spring 2007
· Frog and Vine
Winter 2007
· Go Rabbit, Go!
Spring 2006
· Escape to Obion V: The Chemisphere
· Escape to Obion IV: Closer to Zero
· Escape to Obion III: The Alchemist's Notebook
· Escape to Obion II: The Hidden Map
· Escape to Obion I: Fire and Ice
in Development
Fall 2004
· OutFoxxed!
Spring 2004
· Gladiator
· WolfHunter III: Wittgenstein's Revenge
· WolfHunter II: Catalaunian Fields
· WolfHunter
Fall 2003
· Ant Farm
· Icebreaker III
· Icebreaker II
· Defender
· Icebreaker
· Adventure
Complete List
· Taking the Longer Way Home
· You Tonight
· The Road to Mandalay
The Way
The Way (Christina and Mark)
You May Say (Christina and Mark)
Fly (Christina)
Doctor K
The Future Stinks
Taking it All Away
The Last Time
Cowboy Robot Blues
The Grange
DriveBy Theme
Ophelia on the Beach
The Pooping Song
Clean Up
Go to Bed
Ginger Beer
Hey, Baby, Hey
Good Night
Biting Nails
Got it Bad
Hot and Cold
Once Was
Coming Down from a Dream
Waited for so Long
Complete List
Classes - NYU ITP 2003-2005 Cartoons
Thesis Project - "Lemonade Intervention"
Songs and Libretto
Spring 2005
· Animation
· Design for Kids
· Final Project
Fall 2004
· Flash ][
· Game Design
· Cabinets of Wonder
· Sustainable Energy
Spring 2004
· Frameworks
· Small Games
· Toy Design
Fall 2003
· P-Comp
· Spatial Design
· Director
· Red's Class
Interactive Storytelling for Children
·Diane the Mouse - unfinished
Silly Flash Cartoons
·The Joke
·Heart of Gold